Cannes Film Festival 2011 “Fashion Query” on Day 7 – Adriana Karembeu


WHO: Adriana Karembeu

WHAT:  “The Beaver” World Premiere during the 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival – Day 7

WHEN: May 17th 2011

WHERE: Cannes, France

Fashionwidget’s Verdict: She looks so pretty, the dress is a nice shade of pink though the necklace is wrong for the outfit her lovely hairstyle almost saves it but where on earth are her shoes? Did she jump into a fountain after walking the red carpet? Did she break a heel and have to ditch her shoes? Did she over-sleep and have to roll out of bed and run to the red carpet? Did she stay out the night before way past 12 against her Fairy-God-Mother’s advice? We have so many questions… This is a big fat “F” for FAIL. A Fashionwidget first.

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