Kate Winslet’s NYC Sidewalk Style – GET THE LOOK


WHO: Kate Winslet

WHAT: Sidewalk Style – NYC

WHEN: June 2nd, 2011

WHERE: West Village, New York City

FASHIONWIDGET’S VERDICT: Considering Kate’s recent outings on the red carpet where she looked like she was eagerly trying to live up to her newly found fashionista status (as bestowed upon by Glamour magazines the world over) it is nice to see her looking laid back in a pair of black skinny pants and a t-shirt as she roams through the streets of Manhattan on this sunny day in June. To me, Kate has always been more of a stylista (classified by unique chic and personal expression) rather than a fashionista (classification including but not limited to: fashion trends, use of brands, and fashion forwardness) which is why nowadays when I see her in frocks that look like they should be on Renee Zellwegger or Blake Lively, I crave the seemingly bygone era of Combat Kate the English rose of yore.


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Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews.com and Polyvore



4 Comments to “Kate Winslet’s NYC Sidewalk Style – GET THE LOOK”

  1. Kate looks lovely as usual. Does anyone know who designed the necklace that she is also wearing? (it looks like a gold heart pendant on a long chain) It is beautiful.


  2. Hi Fashion Widget. Do you guys know who designed the ring that Kate is wearing on the middle finger of her left hand (looks like it is gold and round with diamonds) as she seems to wear it all the time.


    • Hi Michelle,

      the gold with diamond accents band Kate (Winslet) wears on her finger along with her wedding band was a gift to her by her friend and co-star Leonardo DiCaprio. The actress has gone on record to say that it was gifted to her (by Leo) as a token of friendship as they completed shooting for their film ‘Titanic’ and she has also opted to keep the ring’s designer and the inscription engraved inside it private. Thanks for visiting Fashionwidget.

      ~Grazia for Fashionwidget


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