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June 8, 2011

Ladies in Black…and White Steal the Spotlight at the Glamour Awards in the UK – Kim Kardashian, Best Dressed and more…


WHO: Kim Kardashian, Jessie J, Louise RedKnapp, Gemma Arterton, Naomie Harris, Lenora Critchlow

WHAT: Glamour Awards UK

WHEN: June 7th,  2011

WHERE:  Berkeley Square Gardens in London, UK.

Photo Credit: Stuart Wilson/Getty Images Europe


June 8, 2011

Sidewalk/Street Style at the Glamour Awards in the UK – What Fashionwidget Saw and Loved!!! Slideshow and more…


WHO: UK Celebrities

WHAT: Glamour Awards UK

WHEN: June 7th,  2011

WHERE:  Berkeley Square Gardens in London, UK.

FASHIONWIDGET’S VERDICT: The ladies across the pond surely have their fashion papers in order. Most of them I had never heard off before this event but have to admit were looking very fashionable and stylish in their various ensembles. Very few fashion missteps noted and as a matter of fact I picked a few fashion tips I hadn’t thought off before or seen sported elsewhere. For example, wearing head-to-toe black in the Summer like Louise Redknapp can be stylish if you pick the right dress and accessorize it properly like she did. Also, daytime makeup goes swimmingly well with evening wear. Caped maxi dresses can be worn proudly in the Summer as well especially if they are in bold colours. Boots can be worn in the Summertime and in black for that matter, it just depends on the fashionista and how she chooses to sport it.

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June 8, 2011

Minka Kelly Showed Some Serious Style at the 2011 Guys Choice Awards – Fashionwidget’s ‘GET THE LOOK’ Series


WHO: Minka Kelly

WHAT: Spike TV’s 5th Annual 2011 “Guys Choice” Awards

WHEN:  June 4th, 2011

WHERE: Los Angeles, California

FASHIONWIDGET’S VERDICT: Minka wisely played it safe with the less is more rule and doesn’t she look magnificent in this electric blue strap-less shift dress paired with dusty peach pumps? Her makeup is clean and her look is fresh which is more than what we can say for some other guests who showed up at this very event looking rather blah…but for the sake of peace, they shall remain nameless and their fashion catastrophes kept in the dark. Minka’s score? A+


Calvin Klein – Sleeveless Pleated Sweetheart Dress (Sapphire) – Apparel – $128 –

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Photo Credit: and Polyvore

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