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June 24, 2011

The Fashion Conscious Continue Their Love Affair with the All Black Look this Summer…Fashionwidget Runs Through the DOs and DON’Ts


Accentuate your hourglass figure with a form-fitting all black frock

Play up the glamour with gold accents and accessories


Pair a daring LBD with opaque stockings and open-toe heels like Heidi Klum, normally the blending of hosiery into footwear fails on most people (especially people with shorter legs) but Klum pulls it off effortlessly here, as she does have legs for miles.


Add a little edge by experimenting with the Mens Wear Look

Statement Necklace

Offset your all black look with another colour that quietly enhances the effect (i.e. like the black and white skyline t-shirt Cate Blanchett is wearing here) rather than take away from it


A Flattering Silhouette

Excellent Fabric

Pick the perfect shade of black

Glam it up with the perfect coif, red lips and nails


Pick the perfect LBD

Accentuate the Waistline

Wear Statement Shoes Paired with Your All-Black Look


Dress like a kid unless you are one, very few adults can pull off the baby doll look

Wear Stocking or Boots that cut off where your skirt or shorts meet at your knees unless you’re extremely leggy. This look tends to make the legs look short, stoutish and off.

Wear shoes that camouflage with your hosiery, what’s the point?


Forget to look  in a mirror  (preferably a full length looking-glass) before you venture out to your event after dressing up

Extreme Glam

Wear too many accessories

Wear too many shades or material of one colour at once, even the thought of this clashes, talk less of the look


Wear a dress so short and tight that you have a wardrobe malfunction upon attempting to sit down in front of eager shutter bugs who will sell your fashion faux pas to every magazine and tabloid in town. Poor Kim. Fashionwidget  has selected the most decent of all the shots taken of her accidentally showing off her panties on the set of Project Runway in NYC earlier today.

In Order of Appearance: Kate Winslet, Heidi Klum, Cate Blanchett, Dita Von Teese, Ann de la Reguera, Emily Browning, Fergie & Kim Kardashian

Photo Credit: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images Europe June 21 2011, Brendon Thorne/Getty Images AsiaPac,,, June 23, 2011


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