Kareena Kapoor in Dolce & Gabbana at the Ra.One Premiere in London (Fashion Query)


Kareena Kapoor in D&G

Pros: Flawless Makeup. Clear Skin, Great Figure and the dress accentuates that.

Cons: The dress makes her look matronly. She should have picked something more fun or perhaps stuck with something traditional like an anarkali or a saree. Something bright, come on Kareena even the Queen is a fan of bright colours. Another distraction is that this D&G gown has been worn by too many fashionistas before her and better.

Kareena Kapoor (2011)

A premiere at the o2 arena in London is considered a big deal. The international media are guaranteed to be there, the red carpet will be grand and the world will be watching. I’m not sure but I am willing to guess that this event marks Kareena Kapoor biggest movie premiere outside of India. As far as I know, she has never been to Cannes (as an actress anyway), she has never escorted any of her films to an international film festival (unlike some of her fellow Bollywood actresses who happen to be seasoned international event veterans) like Aishwarya Rai, Bipasha Basu, Shilpa Shetty or Preity Zinta and I’m quite certain that she has never been to the Oscars or the Golden Globes. For all the afore-mentioned reasons, I am willing to cut her some slack for the choice of attire she decided on for the Ra.One premiere.

(L-R) Shah Rukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor & Arjun Rampal

The fact that she is a novice on the international event circuit will not stop me from asking why she opted for such a matronly look that too with a dress that has been worn so many times (and possibly better) by others and it won’t stop me from pointing them out either. So here goes nothing…


Haifa Wehbe in Concert - 2009 (HW Fashions)

Kylie Minogue at The 2009 (Credit: Flynetpictures.com)

Michelle Ye at the 2009 Venice Film Festival (Credit: Gareth Cattermole Getty Images Europe)

Paula Abdul at the 2010 EMMY Awards (Credit: Getty Images)

Camilla Alves in NYC - 2010 (Credit: Barnard/Getty Images North America)

Perhaps Kareena should take notes on how to appear A+ at an international event from Shilpa Shetty (pictured below), who wore a similar D&G gown to the IIFAs in Canada earlier in the year.

Shilpa Shetty in Toronto June 25, 2011

Let’s hope Kareena dresses better to the unveiling of her wax statue at Madame Tussaud’s in Blackpool on Thursday (October 27th) stay tuned.

Photo Credit: Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images Europe



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