Lady Gaga, what’s with the teacup?

The Democracy Diva

There’s more fabulous to behold and more fugly to mock.

LADY GAGA in London // dress and shoes by Aquilano.Rimondi, necklace by Chanel

The dress: exquisite. The shoes: beyond breathtaking. The teacup: hilarious. When I have a team of bodyguards and a gay ginger handler always standing directly behind me and looking really intense, I too will know the luxury of carrying a teacup and saucer all around London with me. The sunglasses, the gloves, and the pearls are fantastic. I’m always of the belief that little formal gloves should come back in a big way, so I hope Gaga continues to rock that trend.

LADY GAGA in London // top and skirt by Yves Saint Laurent, shoes by Christian Louboutin

I love me some understated Gaga. It’s gotten to the point where this simplicity is more shocking than a dress made out of bird beaks and shrunken…

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