Sonam Kapoor & Freida Pinto Take Paris by Storm in Chanel at the Grand Palais Chanel Paris-Bombay Show


Okay, so technically Freida Pinto is not a Bollywood actress but that has never stopped the media from pegging her as a one despite the fact that she has never appeared in a Bollywood film thus far, so I’m just going to jump on that bandwagon for the sake of this post. I would be more politically correct and say “Indian Actress” but that does not rhyme with my catch phrase. 

More importantly, just how tall is Sonam Kapoor? Just look at how she towers  above Freida Pinto like a supermodel. Even in what looks like at least three or four-inch heels on Pinto.

Both Pinto and Kapoor were beautifully draped in Chanel at the Paris-Bombay show by Chanel in Paris on Tuesday night, each woman sporting a design from the Spring 2012 Collection.


Sonam Kapoor (L) & Freida Pinto (R)

Sonam Kapoor

Freida Pinto

Freida Pinto

Photo Credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Europe


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