I missed this event because I was only holiday at the time but happy to share the coverage via The Democracy Diva. Thank you.

The Democracy Diva

Welcome to D.C.’s hottest red carpet event – Nerd Prom!

MICHELLE OBAMA // gown by Naeem Khan

I am so sad there are no full-length pictures to be found of Michelle Obama, since it’s kind of unseemly for a First Lady to strut down the red carpet with Kim Kardashian. And I respect that – lord knows if I were Michelle Obama, I’d steer clear of the black hole of bullshit and sad, sad desperation that is the Kardashian family. (Actually, that desire isn’t exclusive to First Ladies.) But the 21st century Jackie O looked so goddamn beautiful in her printed Naeem Khan gown that I had to weep a few tears for the lack of photos of this full-length gown (which was my Fall 2011 red carpet prediction for Zoe Saldana).

Being a feminist, and a person with immense student loan debt, and just a human being with a…

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