Arabic Singer Najwa Karam Heats Up Day 6 at Cannes 2012 in Zuhair Murad


This is what Beyonce’s 2012 met gala gown should have been, fully lined to match her complexion if only to keep them guessing. Arabic singer Najwa Karam hit the red carpet at Cannes on day 6 (on behalf of L’Oreal for which she is its brand ambassador in her home country of Lebanon) and hit it out of the fashion ball park in a custom-made white and brown lacy Zuhair Murad design. The dress was tailored to fit her beautifully, draped flawlessly and hugged every curve perfectly guaranteeing her status as best dressed for the day.

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Photo Credit: Getty & IBT

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7 Comments to “Arabic Singer Najwa Karam Heats Up Day 6 at Cannes 2012 in Zuhair Murad”

  1. yo2bourni Jamelik


  2. notice in the picture…. as Ms Karam walks by, the crowd & photog’s are busy looking at who is coming next. NK barely gets a “glance” outside of Lubnan…….she is UNKNOWN & NOTHING


  3. najwa stunning ur perfect


    @king kong: keep ur mouth shut my dear 😉 if she is UKNOWN & NOTHING (like u) then they would’nt have chosen her as L’oreal’s first Arab ambassador in the middle east…plus surelyyyy the photog’s will be busy looking at who is coming next because she reached the end of the passage!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Najwa Karam looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is beautiful!!!!!!!! KING WONG why don’t you go comment on stuff that you actually know. Leave NAJWA KARAM to us. Oh and another thing they are not looking at her because her turn is done dumb ass. People like you that see other people going somewhere in their life you have to be negative, I would be negative if I were you because YOU ARE NOTHING TO THIS WORLD she is KNOWN AND SOMETHING!!!!!!


  6. t2obrena shou hal 7ala klooooooo hal fstan b3lllllllllllll 2aked klshe 3layke b3l ya 3omre


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