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According to Fashionista,  NBC reported that skinny jeans can in fact cause a nerve disorder called meralgia paresthetica.  But don’t toss your jeans just yet!

Dr. Karen Boyle told ABC that tight jeans may cause nerve compression which leads to symptoms like numbness, tingling, and pain.  Fashionista made a good point, saying the doctor didn’t speak about “muffin top syndrome”.

Want to throw on a pair of heels with those jeans? Wait, since that can increase the pressure on the nerves of the leg and exacerbate symptoms. To avoid this problem, wear looser pants. Dr. Boyle recommends jeggings or jeans that have a little stretch. Dr. Robert Rhee told the New York Times that we are not in the midst of a skinny jean nerve damage epidemic. In fact, he encourages you to wear them:

“Clearly the scenery in New York is enhanced by tight jeans as long as you…

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