Cannes 2012 Finale – Bollywood’s Sonam Kapoor’s Red Carpet Report Card

Cannes 2012 Finale - Bollywood's Sonam Kapoor's Red Carpet Report Card

debatably Bollywood’s hottest new top-notch fashionista, Sonam Kapoor (who arrived in Cannes a week before she) walked the red carpet during one of the final film premieres on that last day (day 12) of the festival. She wore an ill-fitted (an ill-advised) gothic noir sequin-embellished-applique-nude-lined gown by the house of Alexander McQueen and it just did not work for me.

Ten Things That Went Wrong With This Look:

1. The model looked better wearing it on display and it burns me to say that because I hardly ever prefer anything on a runway model over a fashionista on the red carpet.

2. Kapoor looked as if she is drowning in fabric, why does the model have cinched waist definition and not the actress? Wasn’t she fitted for the dress?

3. Why this dress? Kapoor arrived in Cannes early enough to have had something custom-made or at least go to ten fittings for the dress she chose.

4. Blotchy makeup with the concealer peaking through from beneath the foundation did nothing to help the look. As a L’Oreal spokesmodel, her face should have been flawless. Are you kidding me? Even Jane Fonda came “flawlessly” correct and she’s 74!!!
FYI: The makeup you represent got you on that red carpet, Sonam.

5. The way the flash from the camera hit the nude lining helped underline the unflattering silhouette, perhaps black lining underneath the gown would have worked better. It’s a request that I’m sure could have been accommodated.

6. Tall, skinny and beautiful…so why pick a black dress anyhow? She wore a black and white Jean Paul Gaultier for her Cannes debut last year, why not switch things up? I expected more from her.

7. She looked tired, was our go-to Bollywood fashionista overworking it at Cannes this yeat?

8. Lack of accessories, although I have to say that in such a busy and heavy on the detailing gown, she might have gone overboard if she tried to accessorise.

9. I wish I couldn’t see her shoes underneath the lining, it messed the looked up further in my opinion.

10. The fact that she went wrong in a McQueen dress…I mean, who goes wrong in McQueen?


Photo Credit: PCN

Additional Credit: Fashionwidget

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