Fashion Update: Sonam Kapoor Fairs Better in D&G at Winners Dinner but Too Little Too Late?

Sonam Kapoor in D&G

Seen here at the winners dinner party hosted by Dolce & Gabbana, Ms. Kapoor appeared to attempt to redeem herself from the ill-advised and poorly executed McQueen gown she had worn earlier in the evening on the grand Cannes red carpet. This however, came too little too late as fewer people saw her appearance at this small dinner party’s red carpet than her entrance at the steps of the palais des festivals. In my opinion, she should have worn this lovely red head-to-toe Dolce & Gabbana look on the grand red carpet. Very prima-donna, very prima-ballerina. Yes, she was painfully going toe-to-toe with the red carpet but it was a battle could win and did. The fashionwidget is pleased.

Cannes 2012 Style Diary – Sonam Kapoor


Photo Credit: PCN, IANS, Getty & Film Magic

Additional Credit: Fashionwidget

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