Mag Rack: Wow! Rachel Weisz Somebody at Vogue HQ is in Love with You!


Rachel Weisz

I was in conversation with a colleague of mine the other day and she happened to mention that she loved how simple British actress Rachel Weisz looked on the cover of Vogue UK right now. She also mentioned the blue Celine sweater worn by Weisz on the cover as well as how young and fresh the actress looked. I had not seen the cover, so I went online and did an internet search and to my astonishment, my search engine (Google) asked me which cover was I looking for. You see, Weisz has graced the cover Vogue in the UK and US no less than five times in the last ten years, in fact she is such a beloved Vogue cover girl that she even graced the cover of a special edition called Vogue Living in the Spring/Summer of 2008.

Rachel Weisz’s past Vogue covers

This discovery reminded me of a recent controversy regarding fellow British actress Thandie Newton who reportedly took issue with Vogue for not featuring enough women of colour on their covers. It was later revealed in an interview published in the Huffington Post that the award-winning actress, who also happens to be a style icon had never (as of 2011) graced the cover of the prestigious periodical. I took the liberty of doing a quick internet search before this write-up and as of June 2012, Newton still has not covered the coveted fashion bible.

So, Ms. Weisz (or Mrs. Daniel Craig) should consider herself super lucky.


Photo Credit: Vogue UK & USA

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