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July 7, 2012

Health, Style and Fitness Update: How to stay Stylish and Cool in a Heatwave

If you are anything like me, right about now you must be lounging around in a tank top and shorts wondering what exactly might a person wear to beat the heat on a mid-summer day like today with temperatures soaring into the late 90s and climbing (in New York City, it’s currently 98°c). Well, for starters a tank top and shorts will do, as long as you are comfortable and the fabric is loose-fitting and not to mention the right colour. Right now I am wearing the wrong colour (black) and I should know better.

10 Things to Keep in Mind on a Hot Summer Day

1. Comfort is key, don’t be a fashion victim wearing all the latest fashion trends all at once to look cool. Dress with your own comfort in mind.

2. Be selective with the fabrics your clothes are made out of. I find light clothes made out of 100% cotton to be the most weather appropriate especially for people with sensitive skin like me.

3. Stay away from black, browns and navy/royal blue as these colours absorb heat.

4. Moisturise and hydrate as much as you can, this will not only keep you from getting dehydrated and washed out but also promote wellness and keep your youthful glow. The humidity has been especially unkind to my hair this summer but moisturising also helps in this area.

5. Stay out of direct contact with the harmful rays of sun as much as you can even if you have slapped on sunscreen and UV protection. If you are looking to gain vitamin D from the sun, you should do so at sunrise and make sure your vitamin seeking ends by 11AM which is around the time those benefits cease as the sun approaches its daily high point in the sky.

6. Dress to flatter your figure. Wearing skimpy or scanty clothing for spectacle not only attacts unwanted attention, it makes one look desperate and uncool especially when you are wearing an outfit that is two sizes too small or ten sizes too big for your figure or just wrong for your figure altogether.

7. Avoid heavy creams and cosmetics as these tend to overwhelm the skin in the summertime and promote sweating.

8. That feeling of light-headedness might not be just the heat. Skip the thick and sometimes overwhelming eau-de-parfum fragrances for the time-being and stick to light and simple body sprays and spritzers. Bonus: You won’t be bug bait.

9. Let your skin breathe. Slippers and thong sandals are great for your feet, shop around and buy what your feet feel comfortable in. I recently discovered fitflops which are great flip flop slippers that also provide arch and heel support. In the summertime, I live in cotton wrapper dresses, cotton maxis, cotton tanks and tops, denim(it’s debateable in the heat but that’s my style), sheer sarees/saris and kaftans.

10. Keep your cool in a well-ventilated abode, cross-ventilating is also great. Enjoy air-conditioning, cooling camps, fans, pools and cold showers wherever and whenever you can.


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