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August 8, 2012

Celebration: Fashionwidget Has Been Nominated For The ‘One Lovely Blog Award’

This is so exciting after blogging for just a little over a year to be recognised like this is such a big thrill. This is Fashionwidget’s first nomination for any kind of award, so naturally the words escape me. I want thank God for giving me the ability to blog. I also want to thank MAJOR DILEMMA of course for the nomination, my friends, family & co-bloggers who have always been supportive. A big thanks to all Fashionwidget subscribers, donors, followers, Twitter re-tweeters, the “Fashionwidget Facebook Likes” squad and just everybody who has been involved in some way. Thank you very much, this is for you.

In order to accept the award I need to follow the rules:

• Link back to the blogger that nominated you
• Paste the award image anywhere on your blog
• Tell us 7 facts about yourself
• Nominate 15 other bloggers you like for the award
• Post a comment on your nominees blog telling them about their award!


7 Facts about Fashionwidget

1. Show me a stylish person from any part of the world and I will give an opinion, fashion interests me that much.
2. Despite being a shopaholic, I know when to call it quits.
3. My favourite fashion accessories are handbags and clutches.
4. I would like to learn a new language someday, perhaps perfect my elementary level French.
5. As a foreign transplant, I write in both British and American English. I can’t help it.
6. I enjoy having guest bloggers on here to bless my blog with their style and fashion expertise and I enjoy guest blogging for others as well.
7. Besides red carpet events, my other favourite fashion events include fashion week(s) & fashion’s night out.

My Nominees Are…
1. Glam Police
2. Indian Fashion Police
3. Bollywood Fashion Police
4. Celebrity Style News
5. Fire Your Stylist
6. I’m Not Skinny But That Doesn’t Mean I’m Fat
7. Fashion By Bollywood
8. Fashion By Khan
9. Art Becomes You
10. Kellish
11. Cultural Toast
12. The Blog and Portfolio of Julia Hass
13. The Chatterjis Blog
14. Style Spotting
15. In Memory of Jessica Ghawi


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