We can’t get enough of Beyonce.

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For months now, everyone has been looking forward to the Super Bowl game and a good enough majority have been waiting with unsated breath for Beyonce’s performance and Destiny’s Child reunion! On Sunday, February 3rd, the wait was finally over! Beyonce graced the stage in a leather and lace outfit designed by anew York’s own Rubin Singer. The intricate lace details to her costume were not only delicate, sexy but were also bold and classy.


The 3D images, pyrotechnics and overall visuals were very entertaining for a Super Bowl Halftime show. Finally, the Charlie Angels music cues in, Beyonce is joined by Michelle Williams (also in Rubin Singer) and Kelly Rowland in Emilio Pucci on stage to do some of their top chart songs! It truly was a nostalgic moment.

Photo source: @baddiebey

With all the excitement, the lights went off for almost 34 minutes! I think the…

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