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May 25, 2012

No You “CANNES” Not Get Lost in Fabric: Three Fashion Offenders from the Cannes Fashion Scene

I’m at a loss here, am I missing something? Why are these tall, statuesque & beautiful fashionistas drowning themselves in fabric every chance they get? First it was Sonam Kapoor, two nights ago in Naeem Khan, then last night the style-flu plagued two more victims as the amFAR gala; French actress Bernice Bejo in an ocean of Giambattista Valli & prom ready swimsuit model Kate Upton in a royal blue three-step-skirted Louis Vuitton. Yes, it’s classy to cover up your bits ladies but please don’t show up looking like the mother-of-the-bride before your time.


Photo Credit: PCN & Getty

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