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November 3, 2011

Hot For Fall? 10 Great Autumn Shoes For November 2011… Bargains Too!


The temperature dips lower and we begin to layer up but as fashion enthusiasts we shouldn’t have to sacrifice our style for comfort. Fashionwidget has been doing some comparison shopping around the web and has come up with a small list of some affordable yet still stylish weather appropriate kicks to keep your fashion quotient on par without breaking the bank as we fall deeper into autumn.


Hunter Festival Tall Wellington boots - $125 -

Wrap Buckle Boot - $40 -

Suede Boots - $64 (£40) -

Coconuts By Matisse Gretchen - $60 -

Crepe Wedge Ankle Boot - $50 -

Not Rated Fur Disguise - $55 -

Imitation Suede Boots - $56 (£35) -

Victoria'S Secret Over-The-Knee Stretch Boot - $90 -

Leatherette Stiletto Boots - $28 -

Imitation leather boots - $40 (£25) -

 Photo Credit: Polyvore


April 13, 2011

Street Style – Noemie Lenoir

Noemie Lenore

Noemie Lenore (boots detail)

WHO: Noemie Lenore

WHAT: Street Style

WHEN: March 2011

WHERE: Miami, Florida USA

Lenoir who was allegedly embroiled in a real-life (suicide or no suicide) drama a little less than a year ago looks the picture of good health and style in these street style photos, taken as the supermodel was about to embark on a journey away from the US where she had reportedly been staying since last year’s incident. We are happy to see her hale and hearty and wish her continued health and success in all her endeavours.

Fashionwidget Verdict: A

Photo Credit:

Love those boots? Get the Look!


Wedge ankle boot with buckle detail


$90 at

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