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August 7, 2012

Fashion Query: A Birkin as Your School Book Bag?

The last time I saw a Hermès Birkin in a Bollywood movie, it was being featured as an honorary prop/character (see “bagwati” the Birkin in Zoya Akhtar’s 2011 film ‘Zindagi na milegi dobara’) “bagwati” retailed at €12,000 in the film (approximately $15,000 USD or £10,000 GBP) eek! So imagine my surprise when director Karan Johar (My name is Khan, Kabhie Kushie Kabhie Gham) unveiled the first look for his upcoming film ‘Student of the Year’ last week and one of the main characters was shown sporting a Birkin as her school book bag. All I’m saying at this point is that this character (portrayed by 16-year-old newcomer Alia Bhatt) better be the daughter of a Sheik, oil tycoon or a shrewd businessperson in order to justify why a teenager would carry such an expensive accessory to her HIGH SCHOOL.


Photo Credit: Red Chillies Entertainment/Dharma Productions

July 23, 2012

Another Day Another Victim of Photoshop Anarchy: Bollywood’s Kareena Kapoor

A few months ago Fashionwidget reported that Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor had shot a sizzling item number for her upcoming film ‘Heroine’. Photos that floated out from behind-the-scenes showed a scantily clad Kapoor (wearing Manish Malholtra) proudly showing off her curvy figure which made it all the more shocking when the official posters were released this past weekend, with one of them showing the actress looking more like a rail-thin supermodel compared with what we’d previously seen. Gone were the curves, her cherubic face and full arms replaced by a too-thin-to-be-real waistline, suspicious looking bosom area, toned tummy, poreless skin and thinner arms. To call this an enforcement of an unfair ideal would be understating the obvious. To be fair, the movie which reportedly has received an “A” certificate (India’s answer to the NC-17 feature) is not marketed towards tweens and teens but that does not excuse this Photoshop fiasco.


Photo Credit: UTV Motion Pictures and Twicsy

July 11, 2012

Mag-Rack: Australia’s Dolly Magazine Receives Criticism for Launching the Next Miranda Kerr

Dolly Magazine recently held a newly revived version of the talent search/contest that churned out international model Miranda Kerr in 1997. Thirteen-year-old Kirsty Thatcher (pictured) emerged the winner out of the several hundreds who entered the contest and is now receiving heavy criticism for being too young to enter the modelling world. The controversial contest was scrapped for ten years due to negative feedback and concern for the welfare of entrants but has seen a revival under new management of the magazine. Thatcher’s winnings include a contract with Chadwicks, a trip to New York City to meet with agents in the fashion industry and being appointed the brand ambassador for Dolly magazine which includes being a role model for her peers, according to the International Business Times.

In my opinion, Thatcher IS indeed too young for a career in modelling, especially when she is going to seek work in New York City. Nothing can mentally prepare a child for something like that, especially if she is going to be dealing with the rejection, image obsession and other high demands commonly associated with the fashion world. Additionally, from what I have seen she does not look her age. One can only imagine what would happen to her if she falls into the wrong hands and what certain fashion people would attempt to get away with. Plus, a modelling contract with Chadwicks? I don’t know about Australia but here in America, Chadwicks markets older women’s apparel not teenagers. I hope her parents intervene with proper guidance and help this child take the right decisions in her career. The world does not need the next Miranda Kerr or the next anybody else for that matter, just be yourself.


Photo Credit: Dolly Magazine & IBT

June 22, 2012

YSL Reboot: Yves Saint Laurent to Become Saint Laurent Paris

Credit: Pretaporter

Yves Saint Laurent, the founding father of the renowned fashion house of the same name died in 2008 and now the powers that remain at the helm of the brand have announced that YSL will soon be known simply as SLP, Saint Laurent Paris. This is a very bold and not to mention risky move, changing the name of a successfully established and legendary brand.

What do you think?


Photo Credit: Pretaporter

June 11, 2012

Bollywood Fashion Update: Double Fashion Assault on Sonam Kapoor via Priyanka Chopra and Cousin Parineeti!!!

WHO: Priyanka and Parineeti Chopra take on Fashion Icon Sonam Kapoor’s style

WHAT: Fashion Showdown

WHEN: June 9th

WHERE: 2012 IIFA Awards in Singapore
Sonam(left) & PC in D&G

Sonam(left) & Parineeti

FASHIONWIDGET’S VERDICT: Sonam Kapoor’s debut on the international scene at last year’s Cannes Film Festival was a big deal for the Indian fashion circuit and perhaps even globally as many international designers such as Prabal Gurung, Victoria Beckham & Jean Paul Gaultier (whom she wore for her debut) began to open their eyes to the baby fashion darling. That said, stylists for both Parineeti & Priyanka Chopra must have known what the were doing when they decided to place both actresses in statements already made by Kapoor. Excuse me while I gasp, if no stylists were involved. I think Priyanka wearing the Dolce & Gabbana dress (previously worn by Kapoor at Cosmopolitan’s Fun & Fearless Female Awards) is actually forgivable because in the long run designers want their clothes to be worn by as many people as possible. It is her cousin Parineeti’s fashion faux pas that took the whole ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’ thing to a whole other level. SHE IS WEARING A JATIN VARMA THAT LOOKS LIKE A PLAGIARISED KNOCK-OFF OF THE JEAN PAUL GAULTIER KAPOOR WORE AT CANNES…LAST YEAR. Should stars be caught wearing knock-offs? Should designers dressing stars be caught allegedly borrowing from other designers? It is one thing to do something like this on a regional level but at an award show that takes place at an international venue where the foreign press is invited? There are pictures on Getty for crying out loud!


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani for the photo of Sonam Kapoor in the red Dolce & Gabbana + Getty Images for all other photos

January 12, 2012

Have All the Cool Clothes Been Reserved for the Golden Globes Awards On Sunday?

Why Weren’t Our Favourite Fashionistas Sucker Punching Us With Style On the Red Carpet at People’s Choice Awards Last Night? Have Your Say by voting below.

2012 People's Choice Awards

Photo Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images North America

Additional Credit: Polldaddy


November 25, 2011

Deciphering Salma Hayek’s YSL Look at the ‘Puss In Boots’ London Premiere + How You Can Dress Like Her (If You Want To)

Yay or Nay?

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

1. The Trousers(pants) are too long.

2. There is bunching in all the wrong places.

3. Styled wrong (the hat throws the whole outfit off and the gold clutch looks like it belongs with an evening gown and not this suit).

4. What is that scarf doing there? Oh! No wait….it’s a halter top underneath a waist-coat. WOW! 😯

5. Salma Hayek who is obviously a beautiful petite woman looked like she was drowning in fabric on that red carpet. We know it’s cold in London this time of the year but seriously, how many minutes was she going to spend on that red carpet posing for pictures?


YSL Classic Tuxedo Jacket in Black Worsted Barathea - $2,320 -

Yves Saint Laurent Ysl Tribute 105 Pumps - $795 -

Alexander McQueen Punk Skull glossed-leather box clutch - $1,450 -


Yves Saint Laurent Jersey Full Skirted Dress - $2,475 -

Yves Saint Laurent Tribtoo etched-leather pumps - $795 -

Yves Saint Laurent Cabas Chyc Leather Tote - $1,995 -

YVES SAINT LAURENT sheath dress - $2,530 (£1,629) -

Yves Saint Laurent 'Tribute' Platform Pump Black Mauve - $1,095 -

Photo Credit: Bauer Griffin, & Polyvore


October 8, 2011

Fashion Query: Kim Kardashian – What Was She Thinking???


After excelling herself so well this week with her New York City Sidewalk Style, what could Kim Kardashian have been thinking by donning this over-the-top ghastly looking houndstooth poncho ensemble? It looks like maternity wear gone awry? Is Kim K trying to fan the flames of  a ‘pregnancy rumour’ ahead of the tabloids? She topped off her look with a charcoal birkin and black Christian Louboutin knee-high heels but any way you slice it, this look is still a no.

In NYC - October 8, 2011


Christian Louboutin Gazolina Suede Over-The-Knee Boots - $2,295 -

In NYC - October 8th, 2011


Bags & Luggage Hermès (Price @



Live a Little Houndstooth Cape - $88 -

Photo Credit: Bauer Griffin and Polyvore


September 30, 2011

Fashion Query: What is up with Beyonce and her Mini Maternity Wear?


is fierce but Fashionwidget is officially joining the bandwagon of those who would like to see Ms. Fierce incorporate long and flowing gowns into her maternity wardrobe. Late last month when Beyonce announced her pregnancy to the world, she wore this gorgeous tailored-to-fit-her-baby-bump floor length Lanvin gown…

August 28th

but ever since then and for reasons only known to the fierce one, she has been showing up at events and/or has been photographed on the sidewalks and streets of New York City dressed in one unflattering mini thing or the other.


September 13th in NYC


September 13th in NYC


September 21st in NYC


September 30th in NYC

Beyonce, we get it, you can still work those heels and your legs…forces to be reckoned with for sure but please stock up on some lovely long fluid with flattering silhouette gowns.


September 22nd in NYC


Photo Credit: +↓

Michael Buckner/Getty Images North America
Mike Coppola/Getty Images North America
Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images North America

August 9, 2011

Erm…Um…Why Kourtney Kardashian WHY??????


I am actually trying my best possible not to say anything mean so I will refrain from going on and on about this ensemble except to ask if there is anyone out there who sees the “fashion” is this look? Please comment and let us discuss it.

Photo Credit:


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