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December 23, 2013

Dear Fashionwidget Internet Explorer Users

Dear Fashionwidget Internet Explorer Users

We were alerted earlier that users accessing the Fashionwidget blog via Internet Explorer were experiencing glitches and other technical difficulties. These problems have since been addressed and fixed. Good looking out Fashionwidgeters. Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.

– Team Fashionwidget

August 24, 2012

Fashionwidget’s MailBox: Head Back to School in Style – Top 10 Style Picks

Following a brief hiatus, it was heartwarming to check the Fashionwidget inbox and find questions, feedback and best wishes pouring in from our readers. Thank you. Over the course of the next few weeks, I have decided to blog about the most popular topics requested by you, our loyal readers.  


Today’s topic: Stylish back to school essentials.

1. A classic t-shirt (long sleeves will help a smooth transition into Fall/Autumn in style)

MANGO Cotton Essential T-Shirt – $20 –

2. Straight Leg Jeans. Nothing against “skinny jeans” but let’s face it, they have been trending for the past six to eight seasons (tick-tock) and they do not exactly look flattering on everybody. If you’re feeling the need to give in to the current neon skinny denim trend, you’ll stand out more if you opt for neon accessories instead. Invest in a pair of stretchy straight leg jeans, they look great with sneakers, boots or heels and be sure to pick one in a dark colour for that extra slimming benefit. √+

Gap Cycle Jean Dark Wash – $40 –

3. A nice comfortable bra. You do have to splurge if you are looking for comfort, support and quite frankly, seamless wonders. The Super Soft Contour Bra from Fine Lines boasts memory foam concealed wire that surround for no digging or pinching, finely brushed fabric and 3D hemmed cups for ultimate comfort and no ridge on the neckline and luxurious suede fabric with plush mould and memory foam wire surround for ultimate comfort, available at Lord and Taylor.

Fine Lines Supersoft Contour Bra # So011 – $48 –

Aerie Harper Memory Lift Pushup Bra – $27 –

4. A comfortable light-weight jacket. Again, you should be thinking about the change of seasons as the summer of 2012 comes to a close. You want to pick a jacket that is functional, stylish and blends well with the rest of your wardrobe.

Varsity Hooded Jacket – $40 –
Free shipping on any order over $25. Use Code 25SSYDE (see website for complete details)

Baseball Applique Jacket – $30 –


Moto Stitch Faux Leather Bomber – $50 –
Free shipping on any order over $25. Use Code 25SSYDE (see website for complete details)

5. Sportswear.

Neiman Marcus Python-Trim Tracksuit – $69 –

6. A durable book bag. I prefer backpacks (High School or University) books are heavy so you want to make sure you’re ready to carry them in style and comfort. Obviously, a lot has changed since my school days but I’m still a backpacker when I travel so I know there are some pretty amazing advanced styles out there.

Victoria’s Secret Backpack – $40 –

Grey Backpack – $17 –

Mini Multi Pocket Backpack – $29 –

7. Footwear. Socks, Shoes, Stockings…all foot candy you are  going to need as the temperature drops. Shop around, choose what works for you, again these are merely Fashionwidget’s educated consumer suggestions.

HUE Socks – Argyle #U13349 – $6.50 –

Free People London Opaque Tights – $12 –

Fluorescent Ankle Leggings – $23 –

BLOWFISH Harnett Boot Black Canvas – $28 –

Blowfish Runner – $49 –

H&M Boots – $39 (£25) –

Aloe and E Textured No-Show Socks 2 PR – $12 –

Honey Stripes Mid Shoes – $60 –

Journee Collection Womens Graphic Print Rainboots – $35 –

8. A fancy umbrella. To protect your from the Autumn rains, occasional sleet and winds of course.

Felix Rey Singing In the Rain Clear Umbrella – $49 –

9. Tech. Accessories. You’ve gone completely wireless in this completely digital age, now protect your investments while you show them off in style.

Branded Alley Ipad Case – $20 –

Composition Notebook Ipad Folio – $85 –

BlueLounge Bonobo iPad & Laptop Sleeve – $45 –

ALDO Hintson iPad-friendly accessories – $30 –

ALDO Hintson – $30 –

10. Fashion accessories. Neon colours are in right now and for those who would rather indulge on a modest level, make your fashion statement(s) with your accessories instead.

Asos Neon Plastic Hoop Earrings – $5.11 –

Neon Animal 3-Pack Shortie – $3.95 –

Carole Braided Neon Headband – $8 –

Neon and On Rings – $12 –

FULL TILT 5 Piece Neon Glitter Jelly Bracelets – $1.97 –

Emi-Jay ‘Neon’ Hair Ties (3-Pack) – $6.50 –

Neon Wrap Watch – $20 –

Asos Ladybug Toe Cap Neon Ballet Flats – $22 –

Neon Tribal Drawstring – $9.99 –

Yes Please Neon Boyshort – $3.50 –

Juicy Couture Pop Pyramid Gelli iPhone Case – $38 –

4pk Neon Glitter Headbands – $9.50 – (Free shipping on any order over $25. Use Code 25SSYDE see website for complete details)

Neon Triangle Earrings Clip – $13 –

FULL TILT 6 Pack Neon Socks – $9.99 –

Neon Multi Skinny Bangles – $13 – (Free shipping on any order over $25. Use Code 25SSYDE see website for complete details)

3 Rocker Skinny Belts – $11 –

Happy stylin’


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August 1, 2012

FASHIONWIDGET POST #900: A new day and a new month to put your best fashion foot forward

Fashion Widget Post #900: A new day, A new month to put your best fashion foot forward

Just a note from Fashionwidget’s desk, thanking you for your support, readership, commentary and suggestions. Keep it stylish and classy at all times.


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July 7, 2012

Health, Style and Fitness Update: How to stay Stylish and Cool in a Heatwave

If you are anything like me, right about now you must be lounging around in a tank top and shorts wondering what exactly might a person wear to beat the heat on a mid-summer day like today with temperatures soaring into the late 90s and climbing (in New York City, it’s currently 98°c). Well, for starters a tank top and shorts will do, as long as you are comfortable and the fabric is loose-fitting and not to mention the right colour. Right now I am wearing the wrong colour (black) and I should know better.

10 Things to Keep in Mind on a Hot Summer Day

1. Comfort is key, don’t be a fashion victim wearing all the latest fashion trends all at once to look cool. Dress with your own comfort in mind.

2. Be selective with the fabrics your clothes are made out of. I find light clothes made out of 100% cotton to be the most weather appropriate especially for people with sensitive skin like me.

3. Stay away from black, browns and navy/royal blue as these colours absorb heat.

4. Moisturise and hydrate as much as you can, this will not only keep you from getting dehydrated and washed out but also promote wellness and keep your youthful glow. The humidity has been especially unkind to my hair this summer but moisturising also helps in this area.

5. Stay out of direct contact with the harmful rays of sun as much as you can even if you have slapped on sunscreen and UV protection. If you are looking to gain vitamin D from the sun, you should do so at sunrise and make sure your vitamin seeking ends by 11AM which is around the time those benefits cease as the sun approaches its daily high point in the sky.

6. Dress to flatter your figure. Wearing skimpy or scanty clothing for spectacle not only attacts unwanted attention, it makes one look desperate and uncool especially when you are wearing an outfit that is two sizes too small or ten sizes too big for your figure or just wrong for your figure altogether.

7. Avoid heavy creams and cosmetics as these tend to overwhelm the skin in the summertime and promote sweating.

8. That feeling of light-headedness might not be just the heat. Skip the thick and sometimes overwhelming eau-de-parfum fragrances for the time-being and stick to light and simple body sprays and spritzers. Bonus: You won’t be bug bait.

9. Let your skin breathe. Slippers and thong sandals are great for your feet, shop around and buy what your feet feel comfortable in. I recently discovered fitflops which are great flip flop slippers that also provide arch and heel support. In the summertime, I live in cotton wrapper dresses, cotton maxis, cotton tanks and tops, denim(it’s debateable in the heat but that’s my style), sheer sarees/saris and kaftans.

10. Keep your cool in a well-ventilated abode, cross-ventilating is also great. Enjoy air-conditioning, cooling camps, fans, pools and cold showers wherever and whenever you can.


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July 6, 2012

Weekend Update: Fashionwidget Celebrates 50,000+ Fashionwidgeters on WordPress

Thank You

Thank you so much everybody. To our avid readers as well as those just passing through, your comments, clicks, subscriptions, likes, re-blogs etc. Is what has brought us here and keeps us going. We could not have reached this milestone without you. Please keep valuing Fashionwidget’s international fashion opinion. Thanks for your support and thanks to our host, wordpress.



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June 16, 2012

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all our special fathers and father figures out there. This weekend is for you, enjoy!

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April 20, 2012

Rain. Spring. Fashion. City. Fashionwidget’s Weekend Picks


Double Breasted 100% Cotton Raincoat - $90 -

Jeans Olivia - $56 (£35) -

Dav Festival Animal Print Rainboots - $60 -

Spotty Weather Umbrella - $18 -

Beige scarf belted tote bag - $89 (£55) -

Photo Credit: Polyvore


April 14, 2012

Spring is in the air and in what you wear….


Colorblock Trim Floppy Hat - $13 -

MTWTFSS Weekday Nice Bananas Tee White - $20 -

Eyelash Cuffs Fluorescent Green Shorts - $40 -

WHISTLE Espadrille Wedges - $84 -

MICHAEL Michael Kors Hamilton trompe l'oeil cotton-canvas tote - $80 -

Photo Credit: Polyvore


April 2, 2012

Happy New Month & A Very Happy Birthday to Fashionwidget

Fashionwidget turned 1 over the weekend (March 31st). In celebration of this milestone, I am tirelessly working on registering my permanent professional domain, so please keep an eye out for the change which I will announce when the time comes. Subscribers need not worry as the update will be automatic and you will continue receive the “Fashionwidget” daily or weekly word press newsletters and posts that you are currently subscribed to. Thanks for sticking by me and my team this past year, I couldn’t have gotten this far without the love a support of you my readers, my family and friends and their encouragement and all the wonderful people in the global fashion world who have been gracious and kind to me.  I hope this next year is as wonderful and even more lucrative and satisfying as the starter year and with your continuous support I hope to keep bringing you my international fashion opinion.


Photo Credit: Fashionwidget & Polyvore 

February 25, 2012

Fashionwidget, the little blog that could… Celebrates 30,000+ Fashionwidgeters on WordPress!!!


just as New York Fashion Week drew to a close and inspired by all the amazing things I got to experience attending some of the shows, I got this idea to start a fashion blog. It was something I had always wanted to do but never had the time to devote to it. Knowing very little about the industry or where to begin and inspired only by my renewed passion for fashion I simply talked about what I knew. To some, the idea seemed weird because they believed that only people “in fashion” should talk about fashion. I refuse to call these people out but rather thank them for inspiring me to press forward.  As an avid fan of Bollywood (one of the India’s film industries), Nollywood (Nigeria’s film industry & the biggest film industry in Africa) and of course, Hollywood (arguably the premiere industry of the Western World) my initial posts reflected the style and fashions of the designers and stars from these familiar worlds.   Before long, Fashionwidget began to attract positive attention including but not limited to being signed up and syndicated as a citizen zine publisher (web magazine) for an online magazine outlet that attracts over 20 million readers per month. 30, 000+ Fashionwidget readers later, the rest as they say is history.

I was not going to do this write-up until next month but when I signed on yesterday and saw that we had reached this milestone before Fashionwidget’s first birthday, I was elated. I want to take this opportunity to thank God & every single person who has signed up for Fashionwidget updates here on WordPress & via e-mail, those who have followed along on Twitter, liked on Facebook, Tumblr & Me2day, WordPress for hosting my blog, all my guest bloggers, my family and friends who have one way or the other supported me, everyone at Polyvore, Stylebistro & Zimbio for syndicating my blog, celebrities and their representatives for commenting and supporting via e-mail & twitter,  fashion designer representatives including but not limited to OscarPRgirl and DknyPRgirl for tweeting along with me during many red carpet fashion events, thank you to all who have taken the time out to comment or send feedback, Polyvore set-requesters (keep ’em coming) and to all those who have provided monetary donations to keep flame burning. I thank you all for your support, feedback, trust and I hope to continue bringing you my international fashion opinion as we look to the future. It has been an amazing 11 months and God-willing, the best is yet to come.

Fashionwidget turns 1 year strong on March 31st.

Photo Credit: YAY Images & Alexander McQueen on Polyvore


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